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The Villatoile holiday park campsite offers the services of a caterer.

If you’d like a delicious pig grilled on a wood fire, just call us. Fabrice will cosset you with his best speciality.

Wood fire grills with or without side dishes

* Pig (min 30 people)
* Ham (min. 25 people)
* Mixed grill (min. 25 people)
* (Consisting of country sausage, white pudding, bacon, kebab).
* Suckling pig + Leg of lamb + Fish parcel with multiple flavours (min. 60 people)

Hot traditional mustard sauce included for all meats

Side dishes:

- Hot jacket potatoes
- Tricolour Pasta Salad
- Bread with garlic butter (home made)

- assorted salads
- duo of fresh tomatoes
- white cabbage with apple
- grated carrots
- cucumber cascade

Condiments and sauces
- Trio of sauces: mayonnaise, cocktail, parsley

Or cold buffet (min 25 people)
Or cold buffet with assorted seafood (min 25 people)