A grocery at the heart of the Villatoile holiday park.

The Villatoile campsite shop is open throughout the tourist season.
Here you can order your bread and buy other items to tide you over.
And if you want a good start to the day, it’s just the place for breakfast!

Registration for activities

The campsite shop is also the place to sign up for the various sports activities.
If you fancy climbing, rock-climbing, caving or going off on mountain bike excursions, specialist monitors will look after you.


The campsite cafe, a place for relaxing and quenching your thirst

While you’re staying at the Villatoile holiday park campsite, drop in at the “Moulin” cafe for a drink – you’ll be certain to find a warm welcome and a country atmosphere.
You can spend great evenings with friends in front of the big wood fire.

On the banks of the Lesse, the weir provides a continually-changing scene, and on the refreshment stall terrace you can quench your thirst during the day.

Chip chop

A chip chop for the Belgian speciality : Fries !

During the evening, Mamy will be looking forward to feeding all the hungry mouths of the campsite in her little chip chop.
Her reputation has crossed frontiers, and she’s a wonderful exponent of our greatest Belgian speciality : Fries!

On the banks of the Lesse, the weir provides a continually-changing scene, and the refreshment stall terrace and Steven’s chip chop will keep you going most enjoyably all day long.


The Villatoile holiday park campsite offers the services of a caterer.

If you’d like a delicious pig grilled on a wood fire, just call us. Fabrice will cosset you with his best speciality.

Wood fire grills with or without side dishes


  • Pig (min 30 people) * Ham (min. 25 people)Mixed grill (min. 25 people)
  • Consisting of country sausage
  • white pudding
  • bacon
  • kebab
  • Suckling pig + Leg of lamb + Fish parcel with multiple flavours (min. 60 people)

Hot traditional mustard sauce included for all meats

Side dishes:
  • Hot jacket potatoes
  • Tricolour Pasta Salad
  • Bread with garlic butter (home made)


  • assorted salads
  • duo of fresh tomatoes
  • white cabbage with apple
  • grated carrots
  • cucumber cascade

Condiments and sauces

  • Trio of sauces: mayonnaise, cocktail, parsley

Or cold buffet (min 25 people)
Or cold buffet with assorted seafood (min 25 people)

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