(In conformity with the provisions of the A.R. of October 29th, 1971).


1.1. Are authorized to access the campsite and its facilities only the customers:
– who checked in at the office and are in order of payment,
– who took note of the campsite rules and committed themselves to comply with it,
– who can prove to be covered, as for their civil liability, by an insurance contract.

1.2. Whoever wants to spend a night on the campsite has the obligation to go at the reception and present a passport. Check in is made at the arrival on the double card as foreseen by Article 16 of the A.R. signed by the customer. This registration includes the spouse and people living under the same roof.
Anyone who doesn’t respect this obligation shall receive a fine of 50€ higher than the amount of the stay.

a) Arranged groups: the responsible for the group has the obligation to fill in the list with the name, first name, residence, nationality, birthdate, profession and n° of identification papers of all the person who accompany him, and to hand that list back to the reception.
b) Renting for the season (from the 1st of April to the 15th of October of each year): the registration only takes place at the first arrival of the customer on the campsite.


2.1. The direction of the campsite reserves the right to refuse the access to any people who breaks these present rules, without having to account for its decision.

Tranquillity and decency:
2.2. Silence is asked from 10 p.m. Televisions, radios and any other devices shall not disturb people around the campsite (except for the Brasserie and any other special events in the farm). Beer pumps are prohibited.
Any night intervention by the owner or an employee of Villatoile, for obstructing the rules of the campsite, will be fined with 75€.

Traffic of motorized vehicles is forbidden from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. (the gates leading to the campsite will be closed between these hours). Whoever wants to go in or out during this period shall leave his vehicle on the car park.
Motorized vehicles shall not exceed 5km/h.

The parking of motorized vehicles is forbidden on the campsite roads and on free pitches.
The use of lawnmowers is authorized from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. and from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.
The pitch used by the customer has to be freed before 12 a.m. If not, the customer will have to pay for an extra night.

Security – fire:
2.3. The minimal distance between two caravans or tents, calculated on the ground, has to exceed 4 metres and would not exceed 30 m2.

a. No one will bring fire arms, neither dangerous nor insanitary objects in the camping that could also aggravate the risk of fire.
b. Cooking, heating and lighting devices (either with gas, petrol or electricity) will be installed and used as to guarantee security under the responsibility of the user. They will be placed, in all situations, in well-ventilated places or on other bad heat-guiding devices.
c. Special rules will be respected if someone uses the electricity provided by Villatoile. The use of electric heating is strictly forbidden. Anyone caught red-handed in the trafficking of electric counter will be asked to pay a fine of 125€.
d. At the end of the season, any camper has to present himself and to close his electric counter, and if needed, to pay a possible supplement to the reception. A fine of 15€ will be asked if this is not done.
e. Only the use of armoured and buried electric cables is authorized.
f. All dogs will be equipped with a collar. One dog per site is allowed. For more dogs, permission must be granted by the domain manager.
g. No one will use small devices like camping gas without any watch.
h. Everyone will be asked to respect the user’s guide in installing and using devices with liquefied gas or petroleum.
i. It is asked to use no more than 2 bottles of gas for all used devices.
j. It is asked not to stock and keep gas bottles, full or empty.
k. It is asked to limit the flexible binding the bottle to the devices as to 2 meters.
l. It is asked to replace all flexible before expiration or in case of deterioration (cuttings or cracked flexible).
m. It is asked to put hose clamps at every end of the flexible.
n. It is asked to maintain all gas bottles in a vertical position.
o. It is asked not to smoke when using gas devices or bottles.
p. It is asked not to use any heating devices using solid or liquid fuel without junction to an external evacuating canal complying with the rules.
q. It is asked to assure the ventilation of the shower place.
r. It is asked to look after the different cooking and heating devices as well as the cooker.
s. It is asked to possess an extinguishing blanket and an extinguisher.

Wood fire:
2.4. It is forbidden, by virtue of Article 89 of the Rural Code, to start a fire at a distance less than 100 metres from houses, woods, moors, orchards, hedges, wheat,
2.5. BBQs are allowed under the condition that only coal is used and that they are used at a minimal distance of 2 metres from all combustible. BBQ’s will be used in a place regularly clear of brushwood. It is forbidden to use any fire-starting devices.
Disposable BBQ are prohibited.

2.6. For the climate and the environment, it is compulsory to select the garbage.
There exist four types of containers:
– P.M.C. (plastic bottles, cans and tetra packs)
– Paper/cardboard
– Glass
– Other household garbage: you have to use the Villatoile garbage bags given at the reception.
In case of non-respect of these instructions, a fine of 25€ will be asked.
A minimum fixed rate of 20x90l or 30x30l of garbage bags is compulsory for every camper staying on the camping for the whole year.

Green garbage (grass-cutting, leaves, flowers, etc.) will be conditioned in garbage bags of your choice, placed alongside the road on your pitch. These bags will be lifted once a week (on Monday) by us. It is absolutely forbidden to throw these bags in the containers.
The available containers in the camping are only there for the household garbage produced by the campers during their stay.
In case of misuse, the user will have to pay the emptying of one container, i.e. 100€.
Fridges, cookers, scrap metal, wood panels, concrete blocks, etc. will be thrown in the containers of the container park of Dinant, a free service open to everyone at every time (except on Sunday, Monday and public holiday), located at Rue St-Jacques, 355 in 5500 Dinant.

2.7.1. It is strictly forbidden to lay, throw or abandon any garbage in the river. It is also strictly forbidden to empty your hygienic buckets on your pitch or in the river (Lesse). Places for emptying are foreseen.
2.7.2. It is strictly to let filthy water penetrate in the ground. It has to be thrown in the water purification station, foreseen for this.

Plantations and fences:
2.8. The pitch HAS to keep his grass. Synthetic grass is forbidden. It has to be used in the 30m2 reserved on the pitch.
2.9. Respect of the plantations is asked for everybody. All types of cutting, bringing down of trees, hedges and bushes are done only by employees from the camping.
2.10.It is interdict to hang, screw, nail objects on the plantations.
All kind of material such as rocks, concrete, cement and gravel, etc. are forbidden on the pitch.
All campers leaving their pitch are asked to let the pitch absolutely clean and exempt from the above-mentioned material.
The use and instalment of fences, stakes, etc. to mark the boundary of the pitch are strictly forbidden.
The banks along the river may not be modified and changed.


Material, tent, vehicles, post:
3.1. Campers have to look after their belongings, vehicles and tents.
The direction assumes no responsibility for degradations, loses, disappearances or thefts.
The post is laid at the reception, where it is available for any campers, without any more obligations for the employees.

3.2. The directions assumes no responsibility for accidents caused by campers, by the use of properties, devices or any material available for them as well as during games organized on the camping.
During the closing period, from 15 October to 01 April of each year, pitches being prone to flood, towable caravans will be removed from risk areas and put on higher pitches.
Any wooden structures such as floors, wooden frames or any other object risking to be taken by the flood cannot stay on the pitch: every customer is obliged to dismantle and evacuate all his/her installations every season. No place is foreseen for the stocking of these objects.

Bathing in the Lesse – Fishing:
3.3. It is expressly signalled to the campers that the Lesse is a river with a dangerous eddy and bed, being also prone to floods.
The direction of the camping assumes no responsibility for cases when campers ignore this warning either by having a bath in the Lesse, or by sailing on any boats or even by installing material too close to the banks of the river.
To be allowed to fish alongside the Lesse, every fisher has to have a fishing license delivered by the government AND by the camping.

Drinking water:
3.4. Water indicated as drinking water comes from an underground sheet and was subject to analyses confirming this.
It is still recommended tot people sensitive to strange water to bowl it or to provide with mineral water.

4.1. All the indications for emergency or interventions are available at the reception or at the concierge service.

All the stays have to be paid by arrival at the latest and at the subscription at the reception.
Season locations not paid at the opening of the camping will be increased of 12%.

Reviewed on the 6 th of October 2017.